Koshi CM Hikmat Karki fails to secure vote of confidence (video)

KATHMANDU: Koshi Province Chief Minister Hikmat Karki failed to secure a vote of confidence during the floor test in the provincial assembly on Friday.

The UML government led by Karki in the province collapsed after he failed to obtain a vote of confidence.

A meeting of the provincial assembly held today rejected the vote of confidence motion tabled by the chief minister.

A total of 46 votes were cast in favor of the trust motion while 43 votes were against it.

Karki had the support of 40 members from UML and six from the Rastriya Prajatantra Party.

To secure a vote of confidence, there must be the support of 47 province assembly members in the Koshi Province Assembly, which consists of 93 members.

Karki was appointed as the Chief Minister of the province on January 8.


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