Party’s first year was encouraging: RSP Chair Lamichhane

KATHMANDU: Chairperson of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) Rabi Lamichhane today claimed that party’s first year was encouraging.

Reviewing its first year’s journey at a press conference organised here today at the party’s central office on the occasion of its first anniversary, the leader said, “The very first year of the party was positive, energetic and harmonious. We take the RSP as a successful party and the centre of people’s hopes and faiths.”

Challenges ahead are to expand the party so as to win faith of people, he said. “Till our journey to the House of Representatives (HoR) by-election, mass people have accepted and realised our presence as a new-emerging political force.

There are challenges forward to expand party organisation so as to translate faiths of people into votes for us.”

He pledged to make party’s roles in the parliament more effective.

On the occasion, former banker Anil Keshari Shah joined the party. He has been tasked with leading the party’s training department. RSS


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