Pokhara Int’l Airport construction falls under BRI project: Chinese ambassador

KATHMANDU: Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Chen Song has said that the Pokhara International Airport was constructed under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) project.

The Chinese ambassador said so while addressing a program that was held today after the landing of an international aircraft for the first time at the airport.

Earlier during the inauguration of the Pokhara International Airport, the Chinese ambassador had made the same statement, claiming that the airport was constructed under the BRI project.

Ambassador Chen said that the Pokhara International Airport was designed and constructed with the support of the Chinese government.

He further said, “We have successfully facilitated this international chartered flight, which has opened a new chapter in China-Nepal connectivity and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) cooperation.”

The construction of Pokhara International Airport started on August 2, 2016 after an agreement between the Nepal government and the Chinese state-owned contractor company China CAMC Engineering Co Ltd (CAMC).


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