PM Dahal vows to wipe out corruption

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said no compromises would be made in corruption control efforts as the government is tough on this matter.

Addressing a memorial program organized at the CPN (Maoist Centre) party office at Perisdanda today on the occasion of the fourth death anniversary of former minister and party leader Dhaniram (DR) Poudel, PM and Party Chair Dahal reiterated that the government is moving ahead in a steadfast way to maintain good governance.

“I see some people casting doubt whether the government will give in or compromise (in its move against stemming corruption). But I say it clearly that government is not paramount for me. For me, good governance and service to the people is paramount,” he added.

Giving assurances that the government will move ahead steadfastly to wipe out corruption, the Prime Minister pledged not to compromise and bow out on this.

The Maoist Centre Chair shared on the occasion that they were actively moving forward the communist movement as per the new situation and were focusing in the process of forming a socialist front to conclude the socialist revolution.

Stating the party suffered an irreparable loss with the sudden demise of DR Poudel, party chairperson Dahal recalled the late leader as the one who always fulfilled his duties and responsibilities given him by the party.

“I had given him the responsibility of the Education Minister so that he would establish himself among the people. He also carried out his responsibilities well,” PM Dahal said.

On a different note, the PM stated that the achievements of the movement have come under attack in recent times and those forces considered democratic have turned out to be involved in undemocratic and lowly conducts.

“The responsibility of defending the achievements of the movement by struggling against the attacks has fallen on our shoulder. We have to prove that only the communists are honest and capable. Therefore, the government front has to be maximally used in favour of social justice, good governance and prosperity,” he asserted.

Party’s senior vice-chair and Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha said it is the responsibility of all to make the government successful under any circumstances. Stressing the need of expediting the journey towards prosperity, he insisted that the present government should be successful in fulfilling the public aspirations.

“The political change happened on the backing of the People’s Movement waged under the Maoist leadership. However, the economic and social transformation has still become a far-cry. Although some achievements have been made, the kind of social and economic transformation as directed by the historic political change and as expected by the people has not been experienced yet. The incumbent government will materialize this,” he reiterated.

Vice-chair duo Pampha Bhusal and Agni Prasad Sapkota, general secretary Dev Prasad Gurung, deputy general-secretary Haribol Gajurel and Girirajmani Pokhrel, among other leaders, paid tributes to the late Dhaniram Poudel on the occasion. RSS


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