NC does not compromise on ideology: General Secretary Thapa

KATHAMNDU: General Secretary of Nepali Congress, Gagan Thapa, has said NC would not compromise on ideology for the sake of power.

NC is not yearning for power, he said, warning that it would not forge alliance with any political parties in the coming elections- from ward level to the President.

General Secretary Thapa was saying this during a constituency conference of party in Makwanpur on Monday. He stressed that party needs to work for people and organization for coming four years.

He urged the leaders and cadres to not lose confidence but continue to win people’s hearts. Hope must not be dashed, Thapa argued.

The General Secretary also asserted that NC is known as the party that delivers solution to any problem in the country. The party still lures people with its ideology.

On the occasion, Bagmati Province President of the party, Indra Bahadur Baniya, however, said agenda and vision are required to win people’s heart. He viewed writing anything against leadership on social media does not help solve problems. RSS


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