Murrah buffalo bulls gifted by India will arrive in two months : Department of Livestock Services

KATHMANDU: It will take around two months to bring Murrah buffalo bulls gifted by the Government of India to Nepal, according to the Department of Livestock Services (DLS). The Indian Government has presented 15 Murrah buffalo bulls for crossbreeding in Nepal’s buffalos through artificial insemination.

The buffalo bulls will be brought home only after a team of technicians from Nepal reaches and carries out a study in India, said Chandra Dhakal, the information officer for the DLS.

The bulls will be kept at the National Livestock Breeding Office in Pokhara, Nepalgunj and Lahan under the DLS for semen production, it has been said.

It requires a special type of animal sheds and fodders for the bulls, and vets will be employed for their care, said Dhakal.

“A Murrah buffalo bull fetches anything between Rs 2 million and Rs 2.2 million in the market. A local buffalo can produce around 1,000 litres of milk during the time it gives birth first time. But a cross-bred buffalo with a Murrah buffalo bull can produce three times amount of milk than a local buffalo,” he said. RSS


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