PM says ‘serious discussion’ held on map kept in India’s parliament

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said he held a serious discussion with his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, regarding the map kept in India’s Parliament.

Responding to queries raised by lawmakers in today’s meeting of the National Assembly, Prime Minister Dahal shared, “While talking about the map during my India visit, the Indian side said it was cultural map, not the political one. Further study should be carried out in this regard.”

He mentioned that he clearly urged India to create environment for using different areas including Nepalgunj, Mahendranagar, Biratnagar as international air route.

“An environment to operate low altitude flight has been created. Discussion was held regarding resolving border problems Kalapani and Lipulek. Indian Prime Minister Modi in joint press meet expressed commitment to resolve border problems between Nepal and India,” recalled PM Dahal.

Sharing that he did not formally discuss regarding exchanging land in any meeting, he said he only talked about the different types of models.

The government itself carries out a study on resolving border problems, he said, “Border issue will be resolved. We will do it. Offering commitment to this effect before the world is important itself. Prime Minister of India has also for the first time expressed his commitment to resolve it.”

The government has put forward the policies in accordance with the policy of increasing the consumption of electricity within home, he said, adding however there is no alternative to exporting electricity as domestic power consumption cannot be increased for the time being.

Maintaining that during the visit to India, discussions took place on the issue of moving ahead by creating an environment of trust and resolving the border issue, the PM said, “An environment has been created for Nepal to become prosperous. An environment conducive has been created for investment in Nepal. This is time that we have to exhibit a strong national unity.”

On the citizenship bill, PM Dahal said that President was requested to issue the citizenship bill that was endorsed by the federal parliament twice.

As the Prime Minister said, the issue about the Citizenship Act has already entered the court and the judiciary is independent to decide about the matter.

The Prime Minister informed the House that during the visit an agreement was reached with India to develop the Phukot Karnali Hydro Electricity Project in partnership with NHPC, the government entity of India. He added that the both sides observed a ‘significant’ agreement regarding the agriculture and it was highly expected to contribute to enhancing agricultural production in Nepal and the job opportunities simultaneously.

He said the his delegation to the India visit had around 40 members and it was not ‘jumbo’ as claimed, adding that he did his best and used his conscience to make the visit highly productive for the country.

“It does not matter whoever was there to welcome the Nepali delegation during the visit, but the agenda of the visit and its results matter,” he said, making it clear that he felt respected and proud over the visit. The visit is likely to open up avenues for Nepal’s development and prosperity, according to him.

Anita Devkota, Bhagawati Neupane, Indira Devi Gautam, Jitendra Narayan Dev, Sharada Devi Bhatta, Bhairab Sundar Shrestha, Dr Bimala Rai Poudyal, Dil Kumari Rawal, Parbati Thapa, Gopal Bhattarai, Kumar Dasaudi, Sumitra BC, Jag Prasad Sharma, Tulasa Kumari Dahal and Indu Kadaria were among those questioning the Prime Minister about this recent India visit in the upper house today. RSS


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