Dhangadi-bound Shree Airlines flight forced to return to Kathmandu due to technical issues

KATHMANDU : The Dhangadhi-bound aircraft of Shree Airlines returned to Kathmandu owing to some technical issues after flying some 50 miles today morning.

According to Teknath Sitaula, Spokesperson at the Tribhuvan International Airport, the Aircraft having 72 passengers on board experienced problems in the pressurization system. The pilots flew back to Kathmandu after getting signals from the system about the problem.

The aircraft bound to operate the Kathmandu-Dhangadhi flight landed in Kathmandu safely. Spokesperson Sitaula shared that another aircraft was flown to Dhangadhi at 10:30 am in place of the aircraft experiencing technical issue.

The pressurization system are comprised of a balance between providing sufficient oxygen levels to those onboard while placing minimal stress on the aircraft’s structure.

The problematic aircraft had taken off from domestic airport of Kathmandu at 8:30 am. Manager of Shree Airlines, Anil Manandhar, shared that the aircraft was brought to operation after fixing the technical glitch. RSS


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