From local to global: 22-year-old entrepreneur Rihan Miya’s Midlaj Group exports plywood to India

KATHMANDU: Nowadays, the spotlight is shining on a young entrepreneur named Rihan Miya, the Chairman and CEO of the Conglomerate Company Midlaj Group, despite his tender age of 22. His influence and prominence have expanded beyond his family and acquaintances, reaching into the business sector. The level of success he has achieved at such a young age is truly remarkable.

Recently, Rihan Miya has garnered attention for exporting plywood products from his conglomerate company, Midlaj Group, to India. Businessmen and industrialists from Nepalgunj have congratulated him on this achievement. Exporting locally produced goods to India has placed him in the limelight, and many believe that Rihan will go on to accomplish great things.

Rihan Miya shared his excitement about his recent venture, stating, “For the first time, I exported plywood from my industry to India, and when Indian customers liked it, I received another order. We are currently working hard to fulfill that order.” He mentions that there is a high demand for his products from both India and Nepal, and he is determined to meet these demands in the future.

Indian traders have expressed their support, saying, “No matter how much you produce, we will buy.” However, Rihan acknowledges that his current production capacity falls short of meeting their demands. Nevertheless, he assures that his team is working tirelessly to bridge this gap and fulfill the growing demand from India.

People who have exported goods to India have approached Rihan with a request for quality plywood. He takes these suggestions seriously and strives to provide excellent products to his customers. Rihan’s industry is located in Janaki Rural Municipality 3, and it, directly and indirectly, provides employment opportunities to around 40-50 individuals. This transition from importing goods to exporting them has been a fascinating coincidence in his entrepreneurial journey.

Rihan shares his earlier experience in selling imported goods, particularly products from the Indian company Amul. In Nepal, only three companies, including Rihan’s Midlaj Group, are involved in the distribution of Amul products. While the Vishal Group sells Amul products, another Gourmet Vienna has also started selling Amul products. Rihan’s company Midlaj Group is the third one that sells Amul products.

Previously, Rihan was engaged in the distribution of Amul products for approximately two years until the government imposed a ban on luxury goods imports. This circumstance prompted him to start a new business venture to sustain himself. He shares the challenges he faced in acquiring land for his industry, which involved a two-year process that included bank loans and selling some of his assets. Despite these hurdles, he successfully transformed his business within two years and reached the stage of exporting.

Rihan’s ancestral home is in Pokhara, Kaski. His father, Rahaman Miya, came to Nepalgunj for business purposes, and Rihan was born there. Although his family’s house and property remain in Pokhara, they frequently visit the city. Rihan narrates the story of his father’s journey, which began with poverty and eventually led him to establish himself as a prominent social worker and businessman in Nepalgunj.

With his father’s involvement in business, Rihan developed an interest in entrepreneurship from a young age. He started his own business in the ninth grade, initially producing fiber screen protectors for mobile phones. He personally conducted marketing campaigns, carrying samples in bags and visiting markets himself. After some time, he handed over the business to his brother.

Later on, Rihan ventured into selling imported goods from Amul, eventually branching out from his brother and starting the plywood business. Through dedication and perseverance, he achieved remarkable success and reached the stage of exporting goods.


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