621 cases of fire with 16 casualties reported in one month

KATHMANDU: There were 621 incidences of fire including forest fires in a month in the country. According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority, the country recorded 527 cases of fire and 94 of wildfire in between April 14 and May 13.

The death casualties in these incidences were 16: 11 in fire and five in forest fires while 65 have been injured.
According to Authority deputy-secretary, Sundar Prasad Sharma, with the increasing temperature, the incidences of fire take place each day, causing the losses of lives and property.

The failed attempts to douse the fire without any safety measures generally resulted in deaths, he said, urging one and all not to take any risk of life during the fire and not to intervene it without taking safety measures.

Green tree branches and soil can be used along with water to control forest fire, according to the Authority which urges all not smoke in forest area, not to throw away burning cigarette butt near the forest, to make sure it is no more burning during its management and bury the fire remnants in soil. RSS


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