Nepal Police urges media to disseminate fact-based contents regarding fake Bhutanese refugee scam

KATHMANDU :  Police have urged media to disseminate fact and evidences-based news surrounding the fake Bhutanese refugee scam.

Issuing a press statement today, the Nepal Police Headquarters said its attention has been drawn to the dissemination of ‘ fabricated’ and ‘ misleading’ contents over the scam by media. It has urged all the concerned to verify credibility of any contents and information regarding the scam before the dissemination.

Citing that such contents are capable of misinforming the mass and influencing the investigation procedures negatively, the police has urged media to ensure the dissemination of credible stuffs surrounding the scam and cooperate in the investigation.

“The Nepal Police is committed to concluding the issue substantively being based on facts and objective evidences,” reads the statement issued by Senior Superintendent of Police Dipendra GC. RSS


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