Government active for restructuring communication sector: PM Dahal

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the government is actively working for restructuring the communication sector of Nepal.

He maintained that the government is effortful in developing new laws and structures related to communication and media as well as in resolving the problems in this sector.

Giving a message through the social site on the occasion of National Journalism Day today, PM Dahal has extended hearty best wishes to all the media persons as well as to the general public.

“Let there be an environment for restructuring the Nepali communication sector, for formulation of new laws and structures related to communications as well as for wider collaboration with the stakeholders for resolving the problems in the communication sector; best wishes for this,” the PM stated in the message.

National Journalism Day being marked

The Eighth National Journalism Day is being observed today. The government had decided to mark the 24th of the Nepali month Baisakh every year as the National Journalism Day to commemorate the day when vernacular newspaper ‘Gorkhapatra’ was first published. The government, in 2073 BS (2016 AD), recognized the Journalism Day as the day to be marked nationally.

‘Gorkhapatra’ was first published on Baisakh 24, 1958 BS as a weekly newspaper. This year the Day is being marked around the theme, ‘Investigation and Novelty in Journalism: Success of Democratic Republic’, according to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Various programmes will be organized throughout the country on this occasion today. RSS


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