Nepalis in South Korea using SIM cards registered under different names

KATHMANDU: Many Nepali migrant workers who went to South Korea after passing the Employment Permit System (EPS) exams have been found using prepaid SIM cards registered under someone else’s name.

Foreigners who visited Korea and used these SIM cards for a few days left them behind and Nepali individuals, who are currently working in Korea, have been found buying these SIM cards in Nepal.

These used SIM cards are brought to Nepal and sold for prices ranging from Rs 3,000 to RS 4,000. Nepali migrant workers who have been working in Korea are found buying these SIM cards in Nepal, which is considered illegal.

Recently, 32 individuals were arrested for using illegal prepaid SIM cards involved in fraudulent activities, including voice phishing.

According to Korean media sources, the local police of South Korea had arrested individuals who were selling prepaid SIM cards registered under other people’s names. Nepalis who are using those SIM cards registered under someone else’s name and are engaged in illegal activities in South Korea are being investigated by the police.

Approximately 59% of foreigners in Korea are reported to be using SIM cards registered under other people’s names, according to Korean media source.

Anyone caught using a SIM card involved in criminal activities will face legal consequences. Therefore, Nepalis using SIM cards registered under someone else’s name might face difficulties.

It has also been found that tourists who have visited Korea have been selling their used SIM cards in Nepal for prices ranging from NPR 3,000 to 4,000.

According to a source, the SIM cards are being sold to the Nepalis who are in the process of preparing to go to Korea. They are being persuaded by the notion that they can easily purchase SIM cards from Nepal itself.

The source revealed that certain employees are also involved in the process, actively informing Nepali individuals about the availability of Korean SIM cards in Nepal.

Pushpa Raj Katuwal, director of the EPS Korea section, said that he received information that prepaid SIM cards were being sold to Nepali workers who were going to Korea from Nepal two months ago.

Katuwal said, “We received information about the illegal sale of Korean prepaid SIM cards from Nepal. We wrote a letter to the Lalitpur Police to halt the sales. If the sales resume, we will take initial actions to stop it again.”




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