India’s foul play casts uncertainty over Asia Cup

KATHMANDU : The 16th edition of the Asia Cup is scheduled to be held in Pakistan. However, there are uncertainties surrounding the event due to various factors, causing doubts and concerns about its successful organization.

According to the schedule, the Asia Cup is set to take place in Pakistan in September of this year. However, the powerful cricket nation, India, has been politically involved in the game and stated that it will not send its players to Pakistan. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has not given permission for its team to participate in the Asia Cup in Pakistan.

The BCCI refused to send its cricket team, citing strained relationships between the two countries and security concerns in Pakistan.

On the other hand, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has been criticized for its perceived weakness in dealing with India’s actions. If any other country had taken such actions, the ACC would have taken action, but it is seen as biased in favor of India.

There appears to be an influence of India on the ACC. The ACC President, Jay Shah, also serves as the Secretary of the BCCI. He is the son of influential Indian Home Minister Amit Shah. Having a person in a responsible position within one country’s cricket board leading a neutral body like the ACC raises concerns.

The BCCI has stated that it will not participate if the Asia Cup is not moved from Pakistan. The ACC is now searching for ways to relocate the Asia Cup. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), on the other hand, wants the competition to take place in their own country.

The PCB Chairperson, Najam Sethi, proposed a “hybrid model” as a compromise solution. The proposal suggests holding India’s match at a neutral venue while the remaining matches would take place in Pakistan. Initially, ACC President Shah showed interest in the proposal, but his opinion changed after returning to India, and he disagreed with Pakistan’s proposal.

The PCB is concerned that if India does not play the Asia Cup in their country, it may create problems for the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy 2025.

Furthermore, the PCB has stated that if the Indian team refuses to come to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, the Pakistani team will also decline to go to India for the ODI World Cup scheduled to take place in October this year.

Reports have emerged from online sources suggesting that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is considering organizing a five-nation tournament in India instead of the Asia Cup. However, these reports have not been confirmed by mainstream media, and no specific details regarding the participating countries have been disclosed.


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