PM Dahal vows to facilitate if post-quake reconstruction work remains

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has admired all those who had their financial, psychological and moral support in the post-earthquake rescue, relief and rebuilding efforts.

In his message on the commemoration of the Gorkha earthquake today, the Prime Minister said, “The post-quake reconstruction campaign has been basically completed and the government is ready to cooperative if any reconstruction works are left to be carried out.”

The head-of-the government has paid tributes to all who died in the 2015 April 25 quake and expressed condolences to all those who lost their relatives to the disaster. He wished for the speedy recovery of those left injured and mitigated in the quake.

He claimed that the government formed under his leadership in 2073 BS was successful in recording significant progress in the reconstruction of infrastructure and cultural heritages of national importance damaged by the quake and in the construction of private houses, too.

It was a notable decision to add the quake grant amount by Rs 100 thousand to build a private house, he added. RSS


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