NA lawmakers urge government to be serious on parliamentary panel’s reports

KATHMANDU: Lawmakers have called on the government to be accountable to the parliament and implement the directives given by the parliamentary committees.

Taking part in discussion on the evaluation and follow-up report on the implementation of National Concern and Coordination Committee’s annual reports for the fiscal year 2019/20, 2020/21 and 2021/22 in the meeting of the National Assembly (NA) today, they urged the government to be serious on implementing the reports brought by the parliamentary committees after intensive deliberation.

The upper house lawmakers called on the parliament also to pay attention towards the government’s negligence towards implementing the parliamentary committee’s reports taking them only as ritualistic even though the ministers and secretaries of different ministries are invited to the committees’ meetings for clarifications.

Lawmakers Sonam Gyaljen Sherpa criticised the government of not being serious towards the directives and suggestions given by the committee to the government.

Gopi Bahadur Sarki Achhami stressed on fully implementing the directives related to implementation of the federalism and finalizing the issue on fiscal federalism.

Jayanti Devi Rai said the national pride projects were not giving the due returns commensurate with the investments made in them.

Anita Devkota said many national pride projects were in limbo and there was lack of coordination at different structural levels. She complained that projects which were said to be completed in five years have not been completed even in 15 years.

Khimlal Devkota alleged that the federal government has a mentality of centralization when it comes to making various legislations facilitating the provincial governments.

Tulasa Kumari Dahal pointed out to the lack of inter-ministry coordination in implementing the national pride projects. She wanted to know about the government’s preparation in the face of increasing COVID-19 cases.

Kamala Panta complained about the overly delay in the construction of Budhigandaki Project despite adequate budget.

Devendra Dahal said the government has not even implemented 30 percent of the directives of the parliamentary committees.

Ganga Kumari Belbase drew the attention of the government over the tardy progress in the construction of the Nijgadh Expressway.

Madan Kumari Shah (Garima) called attention of the government to vigorously resolve the problems encountered in the construction of the national pride projects and also to pay attention to the quality of works.

Bimala Rai Paudyal stressed on the need of improvement in the process and procedures of project construction. She said the ‘track record’ of the construction companies should be thoroughly evaluated before awarding them the contract for construction of projects.

Jitendra Narayan Dev said the government is not taking the committee’s directives seriously while Shekhar Kumar Singh urged the government for implementation of the directives of all the four committees of the National Assembly as they are to assist the government. He also called attention of the government over the renting out of the land belonging to the Pashupati Development Trust.

Before this, the meeting unanimously approved a proposal seeking consideration over the evaluation and follow-up reports. Committee president Dil Kumari Rawal Thapa had presented the proposal in this connection. rss


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