RSP expels Dhaka Kumar Shrestha, nominates Bindabasini as lawmaker

KATHMANDU: The Rastriya Swatantra Party expelled Dhaka Kumar Shrestha from the party on Wednesday.

In the meeting held today, the party decided to expel Dhaka Kumar Shrestha as its member and nominated Bindabasini Kansakar as a lawmaker in place of Shrestha under the proportional representation system.

RSP President Rabi Lamichhane announced the party’s decision during a press conference held this evening.

During the meeting, Shrestha maintained that the recently released audiotape of him dealing money was not his, said Lamichhane.

An audio clip of Shrestha dealing Rs 20 million with medical entrepreneur Durga Prasain was released on April 9.

Shrestha, however, has been claiming that the audio recording has been edited and that the voice in the recording is not his.










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