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‘Samabhok’: A fictional bridge to connect Nepal and the USA

‘Samabhok’ is Shiva Prakash’s debutant novel. This fresh Nepali novel, however, does not have usual titular name. The word ‘Samabhok’ does not exist in Nepali dictionary. It exists in Shiva Prakash’s novel. Mr. Prakash, a Nepalese American author, loves to coin unique words of his liking which is liked by his readers and admirers.

Not only in titular wording of the novel, has Mr. Prakash done unusual experiment in literary program also. For example, he unveiled his book in presence of non-literary figures like Nepal’s noted young leader Gagan Kumar Thapa, famed television personality turned author Vijaya Kumar and philanthropist medical personality Dr. Gobinda KC, among others.

His debutant 220-page novel has four major female characters namely Subi, Mugdha and Sindhuka. These folks are legal Nepalese immigrants in the USA and they do revolve around male character Ishu. Mr. Prakash has portrayed three female characters in three different roles- Subi as someone eager for romantic favor for getting her things done. Mudgha loves intimate relationship for her spiritual attachment. And, Sindhuka, as an honest homemaker, loves to stick to her romantic morality. These three characters- Subi, Mukdha, Sindhuka-  and Ishu together go through varied stages of their lives in varied locations of Nepal and the USA. This novel is an honest attempt to justify people’s hunger of romance from their own standpoints.

Published from Shikha Books of Kathmandu, Nepal and widely available for online purchase, this novel can be a good literary escape for the weekend literary tour. It can tell the grammar of love, romance, sex and philosophies of Nepalese immigrants in the USA. In a sense, ‘Samabhok’ is the fictional bridge to connect two sky neighbors Nepal and the USA.



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