Major dates of Nepal’s democratic movement of 1950/1951

Today marks the 72nd anniversary of Nepal’s dawn of Democracy. Democracy was formally established after the official fall of the 104-year-old Rana regime on 18 February 1951. In order to reach that state, some major events unfolded from November 1950 to February 1951. Following are some of the major dates of Nepal’s first revolution and dawn of democracy:

–  6 November 1950

Nepal’s king Tribhuvan and his royal family left the palace and take political asylum at Indian Embassy in Kathmandu.

–  8 November 1950

Gyanendra, the grandchildren of Tribhuvan left behind, was declared as the king

–  10 November 1950

Nepali Congress airdropped political pamphlets and postures in and around Kathmandu announcing movement against Rana regime.

– 11 November 1950

King Tribhuvan and his family airlifted to Delhi.

–  10/11 November 1950

Nepali Congress started insurrection in the night. Mukti Sena (Liberation Army) and other volunteers from Nepal and India participated in this drive against Rana forces. On 11 November, Birgunj was under Nepali Congress capture.

– 13 November 1950

Leaders of Nepali Congress reached New Delhi.

– 23 November 1950

First statement from Indian PM Jawaharlal Nehru was delivered about Nepal’s political situation urging for early settlement.

– 24 November 1950

First statement was delivered from last Rana PM Mohan Shumsher.

– 22 December 1950

King Tribhuvan delivered press statement about ongoing Nepal crisis.

– 8 January 1951

Mohan Shumsher made last declaration about possible common ground.

– 10 January 1950

King Tribhuvan seconded the Mohan Shumsher’s statement.

– 16 January 1951

Nepali Congress President Matrika Prashad Koirala, who was vested with all plenary powers of the party, ordered ceasefires.

– 13/14 February 1951

The last remaining political prisoners were released from their respective jails. First batch of 247 political inmates were released on 13/14 of January.

– 15 February 1951

King Tribhuvan and his politically exited family returned to Kathmandu. On the same day, leaders of Nepali Congress were also returned to Kathmandu from India.

– 18 February 1951

Declaration of democracy for the first time in Nepal. On the same day, Rana-Congress coalition cabinet was formed.




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