Hetauda Cement Industry stops its production

BAGMATI: The State-owned Hetauda Cement Industries Ltd has stopped producing cement in lack of coal.

According to the management, tender has already been announced for the supply of coal.

The Industry has set a plan to import 10,000 metric tons of coal in the first and second phase.

Deputy General Manager of the Industry Nabin Karna claimed that the management has been making arrangements to import necessary coal and they would start producing cement within a week.

The coal would be brought from India, Indonesia, Bhutan and Pakistan.

The Industry, which remained closed for a long time, was again brought into operation three months ago.

Although it has a capacity to produce 750 tons of cement in a day, it has not been able to produce the cement as per its capacity due to machinery problems and lack of human resources.

The Industry is in loss for the past four years. It was established with the support of the Asian Development Bank in 2033 BS. RSS


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