Govt announces public holiday on People’s War Day

KATHMANDU : The government has decided to give a public holiday on Monday (Falgun 1)on the occasion of the People’s War Day.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers held at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers on Sunday took the decision to this regard.

Prime Minister’s media expert Manahari Timilsina said that the government took the decision to give a public holiday on Falgun 1 by recognizing the contributions made by the People’s War in Nepal’s political transformation.

The People’s War waged by the Maoist party from Falgun 1, 2052 had ended after signing the Comprehensive Peace Accord on Mangsir 5, 2063.

The political transformation in Nepal was made possible on the basis of the People’s War, while republic, federalism, inclusive democracy and social justice and other achievements were established in the country after the People’s War and People’s Movement-II.

The Maoist Centre, which led the People’s War is marking the day as the People’s War Day.

Prior to this, the government had announced the public holiday on Paush 27 on the occasion of the National Unity Day. RSS


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