30 injured in Dhankuta stampede

DHANKUTA: A total of 30 persons got injured in a stampede at Dhankuta stadium on Saturday.

Of them, 18 persons are receiving treatment in BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) in Dharan, according to Superintendent of Police (SP) Laxmi Raj Adhikari.

It is stated that two children have been referred to Golden Hospital in Biratnagar from BPKIHS.

SP Adhiakri said that 12 persons have returned home after general treatment in Dhankuta Hospital.

The health condition of all patients receiving treatment in Biratnagar and Dharan is improving.

The injured have been identified as Bishnu Rai (31) and her six-year-old son Abihang, Binita Limbu (30), Sabin Limbu (13), Sunil Limbu (11), Shreya Katawal (12), Prakat Shrestha, Hira Rana (36), Ayusha Rai (30), Prakash Pradhan (50), and 12-year-old Pravesh Rai of Dhankuta.

Likewise, Goma Karki (45), Anisha Rai (23), Narayan Rai (42), Buddhi Maya Limbu (34), Sabin Poudel (18), and Sandip Shah (4)2, are also injured in the stampede.

Identity of a child of around four years is yet to be ascertained.

Acting Chief District Officer of Dhankuta Mamata Adhikari said that an all-side meeting is summoned to postpone the Dhankuta festival in view of security issues.

The stampede took place in a crowd among the locals who rushed to attend a live concert of popular singer Pramod Kharel in the provincial industrial and agriculture fair and avocado festival. RSS



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