UML finalises names of three more ministers for Bagmati Province

HETAUDA: The CPN-UML has finalised the names of three more ministers for Bagmati Province.

Jagannath Thapaliya of Chitwan, who is also the Parliamentary Party leader, has already become the Minister for Finance Affairs and Planning from among the four ministries the UML has got.

UML leader and former Chief Minister of Bagmati Province said that the party has decided to send Ek Lal Shrestha of Makwanpur, Keshav Pokharel of Kathmandu and Rameshwor Shrestha of Lalitpur to the government.

He, however, said that their ministries have not been decided yet.

With the decision to cut down three ministries from 14, Chief Minister Shalikram Jamarkattel is preparing to expand the Cabinet today.


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