Andrew Tate’s effects on Nepali teens

Emory Andrew Tate III, commonly known as Andrew Tate, is a son of Emory Tate and was born on December 1, 1986. He is a professional kickboxer and a social media influencer. He started to gain attention from social media after mid-2022 due to his controversial talks about masculinity, and feminism. Some people even call Andrew Tate a ‘sexist’ and ‘misogynist’ person.

He went viral as a TikTok star, but later on he became so popular that he was searched more than Donald Trump and COVID on google. His talks and tweets were so controversial that Twitter, Meta, and YouTube had to ban him. But on Twitter, he was unbanned right after Elon Musk took over.

Generally, Andrew Tate speaks on ‘escaping the matrix’ which means to get out from a 9-5 normal job and do something to make yourself financially free. He suggests men to be brave, fearless, and to fight for what’s right.

In the context of Nepal, the Central region – according to the data – shows more interest in Andrew Tate than other regions.  The data shows that Andrew Tate is being searched more as the day passes by.  This carries some effect in Nepali teens, and it did.

According to Reddit, a popular discussion website, Nepali teens seem to have been quite influenced by Andrew Tate. Some teens watch Andrew Tate because they find it entertaining and in fact, social media is a good place to have some entertainment.

Some teens even believe that he is the ‘savior of masculinity’, and he has ‘awakened’ the people’s ‘inner self’.  On the other hand, some teens also claim that he is a ‘marketing genius’ and all he wants to do is sell his ‘online courses’ to people. Teens also claim that he just got lucky with an algorithm (randomly appearing in recommended feed) and is running a ‘pyramid scheme’.

Summing it all up, Nepalese teens – on the basis of Reddit – have more negative reviews than positive. Teens seem to not like Andrew Tate’s ‘product selling idea’ in the name of ‘escaping the matrix’.


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