Cold wave affects normal life in Tarai

MALANGAWA: Normal life in Tarai districts including Sarlahi has been badly affected due to thick fog and cold wave. Thick fog has blanketed the district from early morning today.

The days were sunny despite the dense fog in the morning till last week the weather was severely cold with little to no sunshine since Thursday.

The normal life in the communities has been affected due to the thick fog and cold wave and the people have been staying indoors to keep themselves warm, Upendra Ram, a resident of Brahmapuri Rural Municipality-3 in the district said.

Likewise, a limited number of vehicles are seen on the roads and so is the mobility of people.

Similarly, the morning shift of schools and campuses has been affected due to the cold wave.

With the beginning of the cold wave, the elderly citizens are at the receiving end, while the farmers are worried that the bitter cold might have adverse effects on vegetable products, mostly green vegetables and potatoes.

Meanwhile, the number of patients suffering from cold related ailments too have has also increased in several settlements. The count of people suffering from asthma, cough and arthritis has drastically gone up. The older people, infants and new mothers are the hardest hit or are at risk from cold.

Chief of Province Hospital, Malangawa, Dr Nabal Kishore Jha said more patients of respiratory ailments including cold and pneumonia have visited the hospital due to biting cold. RSS


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