Nawalparasi begins preparation to protect people from cold wave

MADHYABINDU: Preparations have been started in Nawalparasi (Bardghat Susta West) to prevent possible casualties from winter and cold waves. Following the onset of winter, the district disaster management committee has decided to carry out necessary preparations.

A meeting of the committee led by Chief District Officer Shravan Kumar Pokharel with participation of people’s representatives, political parties, security agencies and representatives of concerned agencies decided to endorse and implement Cold Wave Emergency Action Plan 2079.

The cold weather in Tarai districts including Nawalparasi affects especially the poor, pregnant women, children and senior citizens and hence necessary preparations have been made to protect the target groups, said CDO Pokharel.

It has been decided that the Division Forest Office will provide firewood at a minimum cost to arrange fireplaces in various places of the district to help people stay warm and ward off the cold. The committee has also decided to maintain a stock of warm clothes including blankets.

Meanwhile, the media has been requested to publish and broadcast information about the measures to avoid the cold wave. Likewise, since there is risk of road accidents as a result of cold wave and fog, the transportation entrepreneurs have been requested to make mandatory provision of fog lights in the vehicles.

Similarly, Chief District Officer Pokharel said that it has been decided to stick reflective tapes or stickers on students’ school bags.

Emphasizing that all parties should be involved in the preparedness to reduce the impact of cold wave, member of Lumbini Provincial Assembly, Baijanath Jaiswal, urged the local level governments and concerned organizations to prepare for any likely mishap and maintain stock of disaster rescue and relief materials. RSS


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