Nepal, British government officials discuss demands of retired Gurkha soldiers

KATHMANDU: Nepal and British government officials held a meeting on Thursday to discuss the demands of retired Gurkha soldiers.

During the two sessions held in the London-based British Defence Ministry, they discussed the issues of welfare and pension of retired Gurkha soldiers.

Issuing a statement on Thursday evening, the Nepali Embassy in London said that the meeting dwelt on medical care, education, employment and various other welfare and pension of the ex-Gurkha soldiers.

During the meeting, the office bearers of the London-based British Defence Ministry said that they are ready to discuss the demands raised by the Nepali side in the coming days.

General Ratna Bahadur Godar, military attache of the Nepali Embassy, and Second Secretary Ram Babu Nepal from the Nepal government and Judda Bahadur Gurung, Tikendra Dewan, Udaya Bahadur Gurung, Keshav Bahadur Gurung and Dharma Tamang on behalf of the ex-Gurkhas participated in the meeting.



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