Gandaki Province government scraps decision to reduce tax rate

POKHARA: The Gandaki Province government has decided to scrap the earlier decision to reduce tax rate.

Earlier on November 2, the Election Commission had directed the province government to scrap the decision to reduce the tax rate within 24 hours.

It has been said that the province government got the letter only at 11 am on Sunday.

Soon after the province government got the letter, a Cabinet meeting held on Monday morning scrapped the decision. The province government is preparing to inform about the same to the Election Commission today itself.

The province government, through the Cabinet meeting on September 23, had decided to reduce the tax rate.

The decision was published in the Nepal Gazette only on October 13 as the Finance Secretary of the province was on leave.

The poll body had sought separate clarifications from the chief minister, finance minister and finance secretary for reducing the tax rate ahead of the elections by violating the election code of conduct.


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