Stable government under NC’s leadership after elections: Mahat

DODHARA: Nepali Congress spokesperson Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat has said that a stable government would be formed under the Nepali Congress (NC)’s leadership after the November 20 elections.

“A government under the NC’s leadership is necessary to give impetus to the development process stalled since long and also for Nepal’s prosperity; and this type of government would be formed after the upcoming elections,” the NC spokesperson said while addressing a news conference in Mahendranagar today.

Stating that the main spirit of the constitution was being assaulted upon in various forms and ‘regressive elements’ were trying to become active under different pretexts, he said the Nepali people themselves had wanted the present government.

The NC spokesperson said, “Even now, we need to protect the constitution and develop the country. A government led by the NC is needed to fulfill this responsibility. This election would prove to be a milestone for all in this connection.”

He asserted that a stable government would be formed in the nation after the election and the alliance of the present ruling coalition partners will get a clear majority in the election. He claimed that the NC will become the first party in terms of the number of seats in the parliament after the election.

Spokesperson Mahat also said the percentage of the NC’s votes under the proportional category will also increase in the upcoming election. “The alliance was formed among the ruling coalition partners as they have a common aim. This coalition will form a government even after the election and unleash a wave of development in the country.” RSS


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