Darchula incident: Indian company provides Rs 1.6 million in compensation to victim’s family

KHALANGA: An Indian construction company has provided Rs 1.6 million in compensation to the family of a Nepali boy who died in course of road construction.

An agreement to this effect took place among the Indian Garg & Garg Company, the Indian administration, members of the victim’s family and local Nepali people’s representatives. A representative from the construction company handed the amounts to the family of the victim amid a function here, said Chief District Officer Dirgharaj Upadhyay.

A nine-year-old Nepali boy, Pawan Mahara, was killed after a stone hurled from an explosion made in course of constructing a road in the Indian side hit him. He died on the spot. He along with his father, mother, brother and sister was walking on the banks of the Mahakali river opposite to the construction site in the Nepali territory when the incident occurred. The incident took place at Dumling of Byas Rural Municipality in Darchula district on Friday.

“We were walking on the river banks when the incident occurred. Daughter Sarina was injured in the incident. She is taking treatment at the district hospital,” said the deceased’s father, Hikmat.

“The construction company handed the compensation amounts. They will be deposited in a joint bank account of the deceased’s father and mother on Monday when banks are open,” he said. The compensation amounts would be used on the schooling of his children, he added.

Meanwhile, the Nepali side has expressed its concern over the blasting carried out by the Indian side without warning. According to International practices, neighbouring country (ies) should be informed about an explosion in course of the construction of any physical structures along the international borders.

But, the explosion by the Indian side was not informed beforehand, claimed the Nepali side. “Local administration of both parties should coordinate before an explosion at international borders,” said CDO Upadhyay. RSS


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