Election Commission sets specific criteria for canvassing votes in media

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission has determined specific criteria to be followed by political parties, election candidates and sister organizations of political parties for publicizing advertisements in the media to canvass votes for upcoming House of Representatives and Province Assembly elections.

According to Clause 15 of the Election Code of Conduct, 2079 BS issued by the Election Commission, the political parties can disseminate their election advertisements maximum up to four times in 24 hours at least at an interval of one hour through the privately-owned television, radio or FM radio.

Similarly, the political parties can publicize their election-related publicity materials for maximum up to one minute at one time.

According to the Commission, the political parties while making publicity through the private sector-run newspapers can publish their advertisements of maximum size of 7 by 7 inches each day in one newspaper only.

The candidate towards the first-past-the-post (FPTP) system of election for the Province Assembly can publicize the election-related advertisements maximum for three times in 24 hours at an interval of at least an hour, and they can do so for maximum one minute for one time.

Likewise, the candidate contesting the election for the member of the House of Representatives (HoR) can publicize the election-related advertisement maximum for four times in 24 hours and up to maximum one minute at one time.

The Commission has made provision in the Election Code of Conduct prohibiting publicizing and publishing election-related publicity materials in the foreign media. RSS


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