Alliance emerges as shield against attacks on Constitution: PM Deuba

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has said the five-party alliance was formed with the main objective of safeguarding the Constitution and democracy.

Addressing a Bagmati province-level cadres gathering of cadres from the left-democratic alliance today, the NC President said the alliance aims to protect the Constitution founded on the federal democratic republic and the inclusion which were achieved following a tremendous battle.

“The Nepal’s Constitution is inclusive in a true sense and our first and foremost responsibility is to protect it. The Constitution has guaranteed the participations of all classes, regions and communities in the State apparatus and this kind of the Contusion is rare in the world.”

The emergence of the alliance was required to neutralize attacks on the Constitution, and its needs still exists sand will be there in the future, too, according to the Prime Minister.

He utilised the programme to urge voters for the elections to the House of Representatives and the Province Assembly to trust the alliance candidates and send to them to the forums for strengthening people’s voices and rights.

The Head of the Government asserted we all should work together to secure a victory for alliance candidates in the elections.

Accepting that there were not possible for each aspirants to get the election tickets in each party, he said if there remained internal feud due to this reason, it was time to put it aside and get united for the election and for the sustainability of the alliance and the protection of political accomplishments.

Recalling the moment when the Nepali Congress and the then CPN (Maoist) were in the same forum to sign the Comprehensive Peace Accord, he stressed the need of cultivating the culture of political corroboration for the common good of the people and the nation.

“We will move ahead by eliminating all sorts of discriminations. We will build a foundation which will prevent anyone from going against democracy, nationality and inclusion,” he said.

According to him, the existing political system shows a slim possibility for a single party winning a majority in the election and that’s why the electoral alliance among is needed. RSS


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