Nuwakot district receives ballot papers

TRISHULI: The ballot papers required in Nuwakot district for the proportional system of election to the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly arrived here on Monday.

Chief returning officer Madan Bahadur Dhami has informed that 532, 000 sheets of ballot papers for the election arrived in the district. The number of the ballot papers sent by the Election Commission was verified and stored.

Election officer at constituency-1, Tekraj Bhusal, said there are 120,752 voters in his constituency and 133,000 ballot papers were allocated for the election to the House of Representatives.

Similarly, there are 59,459 voters in Province Assembly (A) and 66,000 sheets of ballot papers have been allocated while 68,000 sheets of ballot papers have been allocated for 61,293 voters in Province Assembly (B).

After verifying the copies of ballot papers, they were stored safely with sealing.

In constituency 2, there are 129, 000 voters, and 131, 000 copies of ballot papers were received for the election to the House of Representatives, according to Assistant Election Officer Indra Kumar Khadka.

There are 59,453 voters under Province Assembly (A), and 59,521 voters under Province Assembly (B) for which, each has been allocated 67, 000 copies of the ballot papers.

The verified ballot papers are sealed and kept under security of Nepal Police. RSS


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