4,421,000 ballot papers printed

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission (EC) has so far printed 4,421,000 ballot papers under the first-past-the-post electoral system for the elections of the House of Representatives and the Province Assembly.

The voting for the twin elections has been scheduled to take place on coming November 20 in a single phase.

Of the printed ballot papers, 2,138,000 are for the PA elections and remaining 2,256,000 for the HoR.

The printing of ballot papers under the Proportional Representation (PR) has been already completed and presently the papers are being transported to the districts.

Under the PR, 20,184,000 ballot papers are for the PA elections and 20,400,000 for the HoR. Currently, the printing is underway at the Janak Education Materials Center, Sanothimi amidst tight security arrangements. RSS


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