Tanahun records 99 dengue cases

TANAHUN: The Tanahun district has recorded 99 cases of dengue infection of late. Four hundred persons had undergone tests for it.

Chief of Health Office in district Shankar Babu Adhikari said that with the surge of dengue patients, there is a growing shortage of hospital beds.

Rajesh Chhetri, an official at the emergency section of the District Hospital, said that 11 persons were tested positive last Saturday alone. Some 200 persons visit the hospital daily for dengue test. Among them, 150 have fever.

High fever, severe body ache, nausea are some common symptoms of dengue.

The hospital said it was urgent to raise public awareness against dengue.

Similarly, medical superintendent Abhinandan Tiwari suggested the patient for adequate liquid intake, and use of paracetamol to reduce fever. RSS


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