Current political situation of country has left people in despair: Former King Gyanendra (With video)

KATHMANDU: Former King Gyanendra Shah said that the current political situation of the country has left people in despair.

Shah, while extending greetings through video on the occasion Dashain, stressed that all should join hands together to make the country beautiful.

“There is a general feeling among people that the country made and protected by our ancestors should not be pushed towards failure,” Shah said, adding, “The country will not be beautiful just by changing some structures. That is why, it is necessary to have divine consciousness in us to make Nepal strong by working together.”

The former monarch expressed his displeasure that the politics is centered on power alone.

“What will happen to the country and people if the parties are power-centered and engaged in fulfilling their vested interests?” he questioned.

He was of the opinion that the country is looking for the right system, organization and character who is loyal to the country and accountable to the people.


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