Street vendors stage demonstration outside KMC’s office (With photos and video)

KATHMANDU: Street vendors have staged a demonstration outside the office of Kathmandu Metropolitan City on Thursday.

The Nepal Self-employed Trade Workers Association picketed the office this morning saying that street vendors and small traders were removed without given them any option.

Earlier, the association had handed over a three-point memorandum to the Chief District Officer of Kathmandu.

The association had warned that they would intensify the protest if their demands are not met within the given timeframe.

The street vendors and small traders staged the demonstration outside the office after the authority did not address the demands within the stipulated time.

Saying that the local government is the parents of all, the association said that all the citizens should be the supports of the government. But, the parents came up like terrorist, abductors and robbers, the association said.

The association urged the concerned authority to resolve the problems at the earliest.


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