Dengue menace in Bardibas

MAHOTTARI: The Bardibas Hospital of Mahottari has received 17 dengue patients of late. It is the increasing trend since last month, the Hospital said.

Bardibas, the northern belt of Mahottari district, is suffering from dengue threat. It has alone recorded dengue among 13 persons. The neighboring Aurahi Municipality, and Mithila Municipality from Dhanusha district have also reported one case each, according to medical superintendent Dr Krishna Maharjan. This data is of Bhadra (mid-August to mid-September) month alone.

In the previous month, there were only two cases of dengue.

The people from ward 1, 2, 3 and 8 of Bardibas Municipality have reached hospital for the treatment. They were tested positive for dengue. The Bardibas Hospital informed that all of them were referred to Kathmandu hospitals as they were in serious condition.

In the last five years, Bardibas has been at high risk of dengue. Although only a few cases were reported in the previous years, 2074 BS witnessed a terrible record- 827 persons got dengue in three months of the year. Lately, the dengue case is reported on a daily basis.

In view of the increasing cases of the disease, Bardibas Municipality has begun a sanitation campaign in the municipal area. Mayor Prahlad Chhetri informed that a ‘search and destroy campaign’ against mosquito larva along with spraying of insecticide was put in place, he added. RSS



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