Committee to continue questioning suspended CJ Rana on Thursday

KATHMANDU:  The suspended Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana on Wednesday furnished his statement before the impeachment recommendation committee of the federal parliament.

The recording of his statement will be continued on Thursday too, as the discussion was held on only four questions on Wednesday.

He will be quizzed at 11:00 am the next day.

Following the interrogation, lawmaker Lalbabu Pandit said interrogation of suspended CJ Rana had begun. In the committee discussion, Rana was facing accusation, he added, saying, “The interrogation began with the accusation he was labeled. Questions and answers continued for four hours on corruption, use of brokers at SC, delayed justice delivery etc today.”

The impeachment recommendation committee has prepared 43 questions to be put forth before the suspended CJ. Only four questions were dealt today.

Similarly, lawmaker in the committee Min Bishwokarma viewed it would take time for the interrogation and its conclusion.

Meanwhile, the suspended CJ Rana argued the he was not guilty but the allegations were made one-sidedly to him.

Although the issue of impeachment could be settled within three months of impeachment motion, it has just entered the parliament committee after six months.

Earlier, on 24 August, the impeachment recommendation committee had decided to summon Rana for the interrogation.

A total of 98 lawmakers had registered impeachment motion against CJ Rana on 13 February early this year. Although the lawmaker had formed the impeachment recommendation committee, the committee held its first meeting just two weeks back.

The Nepal Bar Association and the Supreme Court Bar Association have submitted a 34-point letter to the committee to substantiate the impeachment motion. In the letter, the logic and reasons behind impeachment motion have been mentioned.

On Wednesday, the suspended CJ Rana had reached Singh Durbar at 10:45 am while the committee meeting began at 11:00am. RSS


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