UML draws attention to TU incident

KATHMANDU: The CPN (UML) has drawn the serious attention of the parliament, saying a sister organisation and individuals close to the ruling party carried out lockout and vandalism at the Tribhuvan University and also attempted an attack on the university office-bearers.

At the outset of the meeting of the House of Representatives today, the UML lawmakers raised their hands and Pradip Gyawali sought time from the Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota to put his view.

On the occasion, lawmaker Gyawali demanded action against the culprits involved in such activities, terming these activities taking place at the hallowed and academic place of higher learning as despicable.

He alleged that the police was protecting those involved in physical attacks on university teachers and the Office of the Attorney General has withdrawn cases against those people. Lawmaker Gyawali added that the higher education within the country was deteriorating due to such activities and expressed concern over capital flight from the country in the name of higher studies.

The former Minister asked what would be the condition of the university if it is under lockout for 300 days in three years. He expressed worry over such activities dealing a big blow to the academic progress at the institution of higher education where the students and the academic freedom should be protected.

Speaker’s ruling

Speaker Sapkota directed the government to address the problem seen at the university after all lawmakers from the main opposition party stood up from their seats and after lawmaker Gyawali declared that the House would not be allowed to carry on its business until the minister concerned responded on these kinds of activities at the university.

After the Speaker’s ruling to the government, the House resumed its business.RSS


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