Locals vandalise 14 vehicles carrying garbage in Banchare Danda

KATHMANDU: Locals have vandalised 14 vehicles carrying garbage of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City and four dozers used to construct roads in Banchare Danda.

Locals have been obstructing the dumping of the garbage in Banchare Danda accusing the government of turning a blind eye to their demands.

Earlier, the Bancharedanda Landfill Site Affected Area Concern Committee had warned that they would not allow the government authorities to dump waste materials in Banchare Danda from August 17 until their demands are met.

The locals have been demanding that the government guarantee their health safety and adopt scientific methods to manage solid waste.

Earlier, the Committee had made an 18-point agreement with the Kathmandu Metropolitan City to manage the garbage.


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