Monsoon rain likely to reduce for two-three days

KATHMANDU : Monsoon-related activities are likely to slow down for some days ahead as the axis of monsoon trough is expected to move towards the south from its normal position. At present, it is around its normal position.

According to meteorologist Sanjib Adhikari at the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, there is no possibility of heavy rains in the next two-three days.

The analysis of the Meteorological Forecasting Division is that there will be partly to generally cloudy throughout the country tonight. Light to moderate rain is likely to occur at some places of the country and chances of heavy rainfall are at one or two places of the Gandaki Province.

On Friday, three will be partly to generally cloudy across the country with the chances of light to moderate thundershowers at some parts.

The Division recorded 21.27 degree Celsius as the minimum temperature of the Kathmandu Valley today followed by 27.0 degree Celsius maximum. Likewise, today Jumla reported 16.4 degree Celsius, the lowest across the country, and Dipayal 33.7 degree Celsius, the highest, today. RSS


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