Locals decide not to allow authorities to dump Valley’s garbage at Banchare Danda from August 17 (With Video)

KATHMANDU: The Banchare Danda Landfill Site Affected Area Concern Committee has decided that they would not allow the concerned authorities to dump the garbage of Kathmandu Valley in Sisdole and Banchare Danda from August 17.

The Committee accused the government of not implementing the agreement to separate human settlements from garbage.

Committee Coordinator Shreeram Dhungana further accused the Nepal government and the Kathmandu Metropolitan City of trying to massacre millions of local people.

“Now, the government can choose either landfill site development area without human settlements or human settlements development area without garbage,” he said.

Dhungana said that they would not let the authorities dump the Valley’s garbage in Sisdole and Banchare Danda forever from August 17 if their demands are not addressed by August 16.

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