NRNA welcomes the endorsement of Citizenship Bill

LONDON : The Non-Resident Nepali Association has welcomed the ‘Nepal Citizenship (9th Amendment) Bill, 2079’ passed by the House of Representatives. The lower house passed the long-awaited bill last Friday.

Executive Chair of the Non-Resident Nepali Association International Coordination Council Kul Acharya said that with the passing of the bill it will connect Nepalis around the world with their motherland and it will be easier to bring in foreign investment to Nepal.

He recalled that since the establishment of the Association it has been emphasizing on utilizing the skills, resources and capital of the expatriate Nepalis for the benefit and progress of Nepal.

Acharya also thanked all the members of parliament, political party leaders, media, and all those who contributed to the endorsement of the said bill from the House of Representatives.

Similarly, another president of the association, Rabina Thapa, also welcomed the Citizenship Bill saying the non-resident Nepalis have a lot left to do for their motherland. “With the new bill I hope that all of us non-resident Nepalis will unite for our homeland”, she said.

General Secretary of the association Dr. Keshav Paudel said that all the non-resident Nepalis have been waiting for this since a long time and assurance of the non-resident Nepali citizenship is the first success towards that end.

According to the bill, if there is proof that any non-resident Nepali’s parents, grandparents or great-grandparents are citizens of Nepal, such persons will get non-resident citizenship. This will be applicable for those living in countries other than the SAARC member states. RSS


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