54 test positive for Covid-19 in Morang Prison

BIRATNAGAR: Thirty-five more inmates tested positive for Covid-19 in Morang Prison.

It has been learnt that 39 swab samples were tested in the RT-PCR method on Saturday, of which 35 returned positive.

With this, the number of people suffering from the Covid-19 in the prison has reached 54.

The prison administration had started conducting the test after a jailbird named Nir Bahadur Nepali died during the course of treatment at the Koshi Hospital due to high fever.

On Friday, 23 inmates underwent antigen tests, of which 19 were tested positive.

Prison Chief Tulsiram Bhagat said that the 35 persons, who were tested positive on Saturday, will be kept in isolation and will be taken to the Koshi Covid Hospital if their condition deteriorates.



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