Artworks and articles of ‘On Taking Flight’ on display at Gallery of Creatives

KATHMANDU : A group ‘On Taking Flight’, which includes six visual artists and three art writers, have been currently exhibiting their three bodies of artworks and articles at Gallery of Creatives in Thamel.

The group have been deliberately working under the Exchange : A peer-learning fellowship project of Danfe Arts for three months (May- mid July) 2022.

Exchange : A peer-learning fellowship is a self guided project which supports six emerging artists and three art writers to explore and discover more about their practice through the central idea of peer-learning. The project has been supported by the Swiss Embassy of Nepal.

The fellows of the group have been currently displaying their three bodies of artworks including the articles produced by the writers in collaboration with the artists at the gallery. The exhibition started from July 8 and will continue till July 22.

Here are the names of the artists and the writers:

Participating Artists

  1. Kripa Shakya
  2. Shubhekshya Sinkhwal
  3. Nirvik Maskey
  4. Sushant Shree Rajbhandari
  5. Leo Jhankar
  6. Zubbin Dhital

Participating Writers

  1. Ritu Rajbanshi
  2. Prajjwal Dhungana
  3. Shranup Tandukar

Similarly, the list of three bodies of artworks and articles that are currently being exhibited are mentioned below:


  1. ‘Dont forget me’ – Zubbin and Kripa
  2. ‘Domesticated Nature’- Leo & Shubhekshya
  3. ‘A/the Classroom’- Nirvik & Sushant


  1. ‘A plant in Kathmandu’– Ritu Rajbhandari
  2. ‘Deconstructing the world and oneself through art’– Shranup Tandukar
  3. ‘The Failed Experiment‘- Prajjwal Dhungana

The fellowship project is anchored by the central theme of Time & Society which foregrounds and investigates different aspects of socio-political issues and positions them in different interludes of recent history and changing concepts of time.

Here are some of the images of artworks displayed at the exhibition:







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