Nepal earned Rs 1. 72 billion by selling electricity to India in a month

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the state-owned power utility body, has sold electricity worth Rs 1.72 billion at competitive rates in the Indian Energy Exchange market.

The NEA had started selling surplus energy to the southern neighbour’s power exchange market from June 2.

The sole power utility body in the country had sold 39 MW electricity from two power plants to the Indian Energy Exchange on a daily basis in the beginning. After that, the NEA started selling 364 MW electricity in the Indian market at competitive rates from June 10 daily.

The Central Electricity Authority under the Ministry of Electricity of India has granted approval to the Nepal Electricity Authority to sell 364 MW of electricity generated from six hydropower projects to the Indian market.

The NEA sold 178. 19 million units of electricity to the Indian market in June.

Nepal earned Rs 1.72 billion by selling electricity by deducting all the costs.





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