CPN (US) four ministers set five-point condition to be removed from government

KATHMANDU: The ministers of the CPN (Unified Socialist) have set a five-point condition to leave the government.

During a meeting held at the house of Madhav Nepal in Koteshwor on Wednesday, though ministers had agreed to implement the party’s decision, they expressed their dissatisfaction with the selection of ministers.

Health Minister Birodh Khatiwada, Urban Development Minister Ram Kumari Jhankri, Tourism Minister Prem Ale and Labour Minister Krishna Kumar Shrestha met Chairman Nepal and set a five-point condition.

They have accused the party of taking an immature decision by taking out the issue of changing the ministers at a time when the budget was under consideration in the Parliament.

Saying that their performance in the government is better than other parties, they have criticized the party leadership spreading the rumours of changing the government.

As the party has already decided to reshuffle the ministers, Chairman Nepal urged them to implement the decision.

The party Chair and the ministers also had a heated argument during the meeting.

The ministers had criticized the role of Chairman Nepal and party senior leader Jhalanath Khanal.

The five conditions set by the ministers are as follows:

  1. New ministers should be selected on the inclusive basis
  2. Non-Mps should not be made ministers
  3. Two ministers should not be made from one district
  4. State minister should not be promoted to minister
  5. Should wait till the budget is endorsed from National Assembly



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