UML accuses government of trying to turn Nepal into hotbed of geopolitical conflict

KATHMANDU: The main opposition CPN-UML accused the government of trying to turn Nepal into a hotbed of geopolitical conflict.

Speaking at the zero hour of the Parliament, UML leader and former Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Gyawali raised questions like Prime Minister’s visit and US Army’s top official visit to Nepal among others.

Demanding to justify the significance of the PM’s visit, he urged the government not to break the basis of foreign relations.

“It is necessary that the protection of Nepal’s nationality, sovereignty and geographical integrity should be the basis of our foreign relations,” he said, adding, “Our constitution does not allow the presence of foreign countries’ army in the name of training or other reasons.”

Saying that the military bodies of both the countries are making preparations for Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba’s US visit, he demanded that the government inform the Parliament why the Prime Minister is visiting the US.

“Neither the US Department nor Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs are seen making arrangements for the visit. The Ministry of Defence of the United States and Defence Ministry of Nepal are seen making over all arrangements of the visit. Is this visit taking place in the capacity of the Prime Minister or in the capacity of the Minister of Defense?” Gyawali questioned.

He also demanded that the government clarify the long-term energy agreement signed with India as mentioned in point 77 of the budget.


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