Rainfall to continue for few more days

KATHMANDU: The westerly low-pressure system is causing rainfall in various places across the country including Kathmandu Valley and it would continue for a few more days, according to the Meteorological Forecasting Division.

The Division said that apart from the westerly low-pressure system, the low-pressure system prevailing from Uttar Pradesh to West Bengal in India and the influence of local air had jointly impacted the weather in Nepal resulting in light precipitation.

Meteorologist Manju Basi shared that current weather activities were due to the effect of three weather systems combined.

At present, various parts of Province 1, Madhesh Province, Bagmati Province and Gandaki Province are witnessing thundershowers.

Similarly, there is a possibility that some places in these provinces and Lumbini Province would get thundershowers today noon.

There is light rain in the Kathmandu Valley since today morning with the sky remaining fully cloudy. RSS


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